Monday, November 2, 2009

After saying no, New Jersey Democrats fess-up to robo-call…

After saying no, New Jersey Democrats fess-up to robo-call. Matt Friedman writes on, “The Democratic State Committee now admits paying for a robocall to Somerset County voters that slams Republican Chris Christie and promotes independent gubernatorial candidate Christopher Daggett. A Democratic spokeswoman says the party’s chairman, Joe Cryan, was not aware of the robocalls when he denied that the state committee had anything to do with them yesterday afternoon.”

There has been some accusations over the campaign that Chris Daggett is some kind of Manchurian-Independent to suck votes away from Republican challenger Chris Christie planned by incumbent Democratic Governor Jon Corzine.

Daggett has continually denied the claims and in fact polls show Daggett is sucking away more support from Governor Corzine than the Republican challenger Christie. Daggett was quoted saying he had no part in the robo-calls, “Voters hate robocalls. This is just another instance of the dishonest ways Democrats and Republicans use to win campaigns and to fool voters.”

There is also a pro-Governor Corzie robocall from President Obama that may ring some phones in New Jersey.


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