Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Daggett falls victim to Corzine fear…

Independent New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett may have fallen victim to Corzine fear. With 99% of the votes counted Chris Daggett came in third place with 5.7% of the vote.

That 5.7% of the vote was about five to ten percent lower than recent polls showed. The Thirds has to believe most of those five to ten percent of people that left the Daggett went to Republican challenger, and now Governor-elect Chris Christie.

We believe this shift had to do that people wanted Governor Jon Corzine out of office even more than seeing their man in the office. Governor Corzine’s final election numbers were about two-percent higher than poll averages, but Governor-elect Christie’s final tally was about seven-percent higher than poll averages. That was the number of people that bolted from Daggett.

If Governor-elect Chris Christie wanted to make a real splash in New Jersey politics he should offer Chris Daggett a spot in his cabinet. Daggett could head-up Department of Environmental Protection again. You could also make arguments for Daggett to lead the Civil Service Commission, Department of Treasury, Department of the Treasury, New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, Office of Economic Growth, Department of State, and Department of the Public Advocate. With his Governmental management background you could even argue Daggett could run the Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness.

Results with 99% reporting:
Chris Christie (Republican) 49.0%
Jon Corzine (Democrat) 44.4%
Chris Daggett (Independent for NJ) 5.7%
Kenneth R. Kaplan (Libertarian Party) 0.2%
Gary T. Steele (Leadership, Independence, Vision) 0.1%
Jason Cullen (People Not Politics) 0.1%
David R. Meiswinkle (Middle Class Empowerment) 0.1%
Kostas Petris (For The People) 0.1%
Gregory Pason (Socialist Party USA) 0.1%
Gary Stein (Various titles) 0.1%
Joshua Leinsdorf (Fair Election Party) 0.0%
Alvin Lindsay, Jr. (Lindsay for Governor) 0.0%


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