Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Independent Mike Bloomberg wins NYC Mayor re-election…

Independent Mayor Mike Bloomberg wins New York City Mayoral re-election. In a vote that was a lot closer than most polls projected, Mike Bloomberg won a third term in office. He tweeted out to his supporters, “Thank you #NYC Humbled, proud, & excited to have the opportunity to serve you for another 4 yrs!”

With 99% of the vote in the tally stood at:
Michael Bloomberg (Independent & Republican) 50.6%
William C. Thompson Jr. (Democrat) 46.0%
Stephen Christopher (Constitution) 1.7%
Rev. Billy Talen (Green) 0.8%
Francisca Villar (Party for Socialism and Liberation) 0.3%
Jimmy McMillian (Rent Is Too Damn High) 0.2%
Joseph Dobrian (Libertarian) 0.2%
Daniel Fien (Socialist Workers) 0.1%


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