Friday, November 27, 2009

Green Party Congressional candidate accused of faking own mother's signature…

Green Party Congressional candidate faces ballot challenge in Illinois. James Fuller writes on, “If the challenges to Dan Kairis' nominating petitions prove true, then… [he] doesn't know his family and friends very well.”

The Green Party candidate running for Illinois’ 14th Congressional District is accused of forging signatures to get onto the ballot. Fuller writes, “rules require Kairis to have only 38 signatures from registered voters in the district to appear on the ballot. Kairis, of South Elgin, filed 62 signatures. [The] challenge is based on the validity of the bulk of those signatures.”
Candidate Kairis says every signature on his petitions is either a friend, neighbor or direct relative, but the challenger even questions if the signatures of Kairis’s son and his mother are the real deal.

The state is now comparing the signatures on the petition to signatures on voter registration cards. Even if every signature is tossed, the Illinois Green Party could still officially make Kairis their candidate and he could still run.


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