Friday, November 27, 2009

If Florida Republican Governor ran as independent he would become Senator…

If Florida Republican Governor Charlie Crist ran as independent he would become Senator. Florida Governor Crist is facing a tough primary challenger from the right in his run for U.S. Senate. Many Republicans are not happy with Crist’s more liberal stands on a number of issues, and that has opened the opportunity for former state House Speaker Marco Rubio to make a hard run at Crist for the Republican nod.

So what if Crist were to run as an independent candidate? He would win in a close race. A Daily Kos showed Governor Crist would be come Senator Crist. The likely Democrat in the race is Congressman Kendick Meek.

The poll showed Governor Crist would win, Congressman Meek coming in second, and Rubio coming in third with a tally of 32-31-27. But that shows the winner is with-in the margin of error of the last place finisher.

This could get interesting, especially with 10% people saying they would not know who to vote for if this three-way battle does happen.


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