Monday, November 16, 2009

State level third party bolts from national party….

The Florida Whig Party has “discontinued” its association party Modern Whig (Party) Club. On the Florida Whig’s reads the part is leaving it’s national club, “pending a response to a formal request to the past Chair for an independent financal audit, identification of the Club treasurer, a certification as to the true membership of the Club, a copy of the minutes, resolutions, and votes for all meetings since inception by the Board of Directors, and a complete roster of all independent and appointed state and local Whig leaders, clubs, and organizations.”

The Florida Whigs also have issues with the national organization because of, “As of Sunday, November 15, 2009 an unknown person(s) to Chairperson Stephens and the FWP, who is believed associated with the prior administration, has once again removed all links to the Florida Whig Party and its candidates on the website of the Modern Whig Club, formerly headquartered in Washington, D.C.”

The blogger whigblog gave some background on the fray writing, “The ‘Florida Whig Party’ pre-dated the Modern Whig Party by over a year. After the formation of the Modern Whigs, they decided to ally themselves with the Modern Whigs on a national level.”



  1. So now the Florida Whigs are just another of many obscure state third parties in Florida that carry an image of your run-of-the-mill whackadoodles.

  2. WOW! "whackadoodles" If that isn't a word that the former chairman of the Modern Whig party Mike Lebowitz used repeatedly to describe anyone who disagreed with him or challenged him in anyway. I can see now why Florida discontinued its association!

  3. The Modern Whig Party is a group of anti-war vets. Lebowitz is a first class poser. The Modern Whigs never had a treasurer. No bylaws or platform. The Modern Whig Party is a phone book party. 30,000 members Lebowitz claims are emails. What a joke.


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