Monday, November 16, 2009

Working Families Party expands to Vermont…

The Working Families Party is expanding to Vermont. Nancy Remsen writes on a small group of Vermonters is forming the party. The first state committee meeting of the new party will take place on December 14th.

Dan Brush, one of the party leaders quoted in the article, said he does not expect the party to run candidates in the next election (but left the door open to a few candidates). He says the party would endorse candidates from other parties.

Working Families Party has come under a lot more notice nationally in recent months due to it connections to the scandal-riddled community organizing group Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, better known as ACORN.

Brush said the Vermont branch of the Working Families Party will not have any ties to ACORN. The head of ACORN, Bertha Lewis, is a co-chair of the New York branch of the party. Bob Master, a different co-chair of the New York Working Families Party, will be heading to Vermont. Remsen writes, “[Bob Msters] will visit Vermont next week to help build some enthusiasm for the new party.” But that is all the New Yorkers will have to do with the Vermont branch.


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