Thursday, July 2, 2009

Former U.S. Presidential candidate speaks from jail…

Former U.S. Presidential candidate speaks from jail… an Israeli jail.

In a news release from the National Green Party former U.S. Representative and 2008 Green presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney talked about her jailing in Israeli.

Cynthia McKinney delivered the following statement by phone: "We were in international waters on a boat delivering humanitarian aid to people in Gaza when the Israeli Navy ships surrounded us and illegally threatened us… Immigration officials in Israel said they did not want to keep us, but we remain imprisoned.”

The news release says McKinney and other people jailed have refused to sign: “a self-incriminating 'deportation form' stating that the Spirit of Humanity was violating the Israeli blockade and trespassing Israeli territorial waters by attempting to deliver supplies to Gaza.”

The boat McKinney was on was delivering medical supplies, cement, and children's toys to Pro- Palestinian groups in Gaza.


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