Thursday, July 2, 2009

Two-party politics: GOP vs. Constitution Party in…

Two-party politics: GOP vs. Constitution Party in… Virginia. is reporting on the race between Republican House Delegate Bob Tata and Constitution Party candidate French Mackes. According to the report, Mackes was a Republican until last year, said he offers a more fiscally and socially conservative option and that is why he joined the Constitution Party. Makes has also been endorsed by the of the fiscally conservative Independent Green Party of Virginia. This race is for the 85th house district.

But this is not the only instance of Republican versus Constitution Parties in the 2009 Virginia house races. The 18th district race features incumbent Republican Clay Athey Junior battling Constitution Party candidate Todd M. Jack.

Just a note, the 19th District race will feature Democrat and Constitution Party members running against Independent incumbent Lacey E. Putney.


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