Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Newspaper endorsement of Corzine with more negatives than positives…

Another Newspaper endorses Democratic Incumber Governor Jon Corzine with more negatives than positives as the Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board backs the Democrat.

The Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board’s backing of Governor Corzine is weak, but it much better than the embarrassing endorsement made by the New York Times that The Thirds also wrote about.

The Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board pines for what they would call a better candidate. The board writes, “neither [challenger] has made a convincing case that he would do a better job in Trenton… (with) the weak alternatives, The Inquirer endorses JON CORZINE.

The Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board seems to be impressed with Chris Daggett’s bold property tax plan. They wrote, “(Daggett’s) idea is much closer to what’s needed on the issue than the failed rebate program his opponents have embraced.” After his tax plan The Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board questions Daggett saying his platform is “sketchy”. They also question what Daggett will do in office writing, “(Daggett) relies heavily on his status as an independent who can ‘bring people together’ — which sounds good, but could mean almost anything.”

It was obvious The Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board considered Daggett more than the Republican Chris Christie. They described Christie, “dodging fundamental policy questions, he asked to be exempted from the basic rules of seeking public office… Christie still relies too heavily on Corzine’s unpopularity while spouting vague promises to cut taxes and spending.”

But the endorsement of Democratic Incumbent Governor Jon Corzine was anything but full-throated. A long list of negatives listed by The Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board include: “Corzine has sometimes seemed timid about shaking up the statehouse… (Corzine took a) principled stand for funding pension obligations, only to have to retreat from it… (Corzine) put forward but abandoned a controversial proposal to retire state debt… (Corzine) often seemed too cozy with labor… (Corzine) managed only to significantly slow the growth of property taxes, not reduce them.

The newspaper editorial board basically wrote with a state so corrupt and party-bosses being so powerful Corzine’s failures are not that bad. The Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board wrote, “Some of Corzine’s imperfect victories are nevertheless remarkable for a New Jersey governor — and hard to imagine under the state’s usual government by insiders.” With a comment like that, is the need for an Independent Governor is more than ever? The Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board apparently does not think so.


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