Sunday, October 18, 2009

New York Times “endorses” Corzine for re-election, ignores Daggett…

The New York Times “endorses” Democratic Governor Jon Corzine for re-election. In an editorial that could only be described as less-than inspired the New York Times comes to a loose defense of New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine.

In the short six-paragraph endorsement The New York Times Editorial Board only mentioned Independent Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett in one. The paragraph focusing on Daggett calls him “engaging” and saying his “contribution to this campaign has been his thought-provoking ideas about cutting property taxes”. Beyond that The New York Times editorial board could not come-up with a reason to vote for or against Daggett.

The paragraph The New York Times Editorial Board spent on the Republican candidate started strange, “Despite his support from President Obama, Governor Corzine faces two formidable opponents…”. It almost sounded as if The New York Times Editorial Board is shocked somebody could challenge an Obama supporter. The New York Times Editorial Board questioned Republican challenger Christopher Christie due to “concerns” and “reports”. Their only direct criticism of Christie was his tax plan being “far too vague”. At least they pointed to something. They did not come-up with a single concern about Daggett – yet choose to ignore him.

The other four paragraphs focused on Governor Corzine. The New York Times Editorial Board described Governor Corzine as “(struggling) through his first termhas lessons to learn about communication and leadership… Most New Jersey voters find him astonishingly inarticulate, and his credentials as a former co-chairman of Goldman Sachs do not seem as impressive as they did before the financial meltdown… we would like to see him back away from the state’s unions.”

The New York Times Editorial Board did pay some compliments towards Governor Corzine, but wrapped-up the endorsement by calling the Governor, “a decent man with a laudable set of goals.”

Does being a “decent man” with “laudable goals” qualify a person for the Governor’s office? If so, there are millions of people in New Jersey as qualified as Governor Corzine. But then again, did anybody believe the New York Times would endorse a non-Democrat?


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