Sunday, October 18, 2009

The battle over Joseph Lieberman’s party…

The battle over Joseph Lieberman’s party is heating-up, and he’s not even in the party. Shannan Butler on writes about the battle over the Connecticut for Lieberman party. In 2006 Independent Senator Joe Lieberman lost the Democratic primary but was re-elected with the backing of a third party named for him, “Connecticut for Lieberman”, even though he never joined the party.

Butler writes, “now [the Connecticut for Lieberman] party may be used to target the state’s other senator, Democrat Chris Dodd, who is already facing stiff competition from the Republicans for his 2010 re-election bid.” But there is a major problem with the party, who runs it? The article says, “Lieberman and his supporters failed to file what’s called ’party rules’ with the Connecticut secretary of state’s office, department spokesman Av Harris said, leaving the door open for someone else to do so. Fairfield University professor John Orman, who opposed Lieberman, was the first to file party rules, and soon after Lieberman’s suppporters followed suit.” So now there is battle over who really controls the party.

Butler later ads, “Meanwhile, neither side has taken the issue of who controls the party to court.”

And Senator Lieberman's office says, "No Comment".


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