Thursday, October 15, 2009

Daggett climbing, the other guys – the opposite…

A new Survey USA polls shows Independent New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Chirs Daggett climbing, the other guys – the opposite.

The poll results shows Chris Daggett registering 18% of the vote, which is the highest of any scientific polls in the campaign so far. The poll showed Republican challenger Chris Christie at 40% and Democratic Incumbent Jon Corzine at 39%.

The USA survey analysis of the poll said, “Chris Daggett is the only candidate with momentum.” Daggett was up four points since the last Survey USA poll, and the other candidates are down.

The Thirds looking at the poll finds two very intresting things with Demographics in the poll. First, nearly across the board Daggett appeals to all voters nearly equally in demographics including Age, Race, Party Affilication, Ideology, What voters believe to be the biggest issue, College grads, income level, 2008 Presidential vote, 2005 Gubernatorial vote, Bruce Springsteen fans, and region of New Jersey.

There was one strange outlier. Jets fans believe in Daggett. The poll showed a statical three-way tie between Christie, Corzine and Daggett, polling at 36, 33 and 31% of Jets fans. If Daggett can raise his NFC favorably rating, it looks like he could win this election.


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