Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Scozzafava nightmare in the GOP…

Call it "The Scozzafava nightmare in the GOP". The “Cook Political Report” is reporting the finger pointing is already beginning on why the Republicans will lose the Special Election for the 23rd Congressional District of New York. The race includes Democrat Bill Owens, Republican Assembly Member Dede Scozzafava, and Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman.

The election is open because Republican Representative John McHugh is now Army Secretary John McHugh.

According to Taegan Goddard’s Political wire: The Charlie Cook Political Report is saying, "It's never a good sign when the blame game commences before the election even takes place. But that's exactly what's happening in GOP ranks three weeks before voters go to to (sic) the polls in the NY-23 special election, at a time when the party's House prospects are booming just about everywhere else.”

The problem is that only Republican loyalist are voting for the Republican candidate. It seems that the Republican’s best hope may be that their hand-picked Republican candidate bombs and finishes in a distant third place (That may be why Michael Steele and company have not give any money to the Republican). As the Cook Report is reported to have written, “The 'conservative Republican' spoiler is actually stealing more votes from independents than Republicans."

That spoiler, the Conservative Party’s Doug Hoffman, may even vote with the Republican leadership in Washington more than the liberal-leaning Republican nominee Dede Scozzafava.

What a wacky world in Northeast New York.


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