Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Daggett is being attacked in a radio ad, that’s proof he’s a contender…

Independent New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett is being attacked in a new radio ad. That’s proof he’s a contender in the race for Governor.

The Republican Governor’s association took out radio attack ads bashing both Incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine and Daggett, plus promoting Republican challenger Chris Christie.

The ad rips Daggett on his tax plans. Here is the portion of the ad that focuses on Daggett: "So what about Chris Daggett? He's been in the news… The Daggett plan sounds like the Corzine plan… but worse. Toll increase, massive sales tax increases. Independent sources confirm Daggett actually wants to tax you for getting your hair cut, your dry cleaning -- you name it. Newspapers say Daggett property tax scheme is pretty much the same thing that Corzine cooked-up… and that was disaster.”

You think the Republicans are scared of Daggett? Or could it be “worse”?


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