Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nearly ¼ of New Jersey sees Daggett as “Unfavorable”, and that’s great news for his campaign (maybe)…

Nearly ¼ of New Jersey sees Independent New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Chirs Daggett as “Unfavorable”, and that’s great news for his campaign (maybe). Daggett is polling in low teens in first poll partly conducted after Star-Ledger endorsement.

Public Policy Polling surveyed “571 likely New Jersey voters from October 9th to 12th”. The New Jersey Star-Ledger endorsed Daggett on it website on Friday October 10th. The coverage of the endorsement got some notice over the weekend, but many voters may not have learned of the endorsement until the last portion of the polling.

In the most important question, “If the election was today, who would you vote for?”, showed Republican challenger Chirs Christie with 40%, Incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine at 39% and Chris Daggett at 13%. Eight percent of people still said they are undecided.

But what could be a strange happy negative is that 24% of people polled see Daggett as “Unfavorable”. While candidates running for political office do not want any unfavorable rating, this shows that people in the Garden State are now learning about Daggett. The poll showed that 30% see Daggett as “Favorable”, 24% as “Unfavorable” and 46% still “Not Sure”. A 24% unfavorable rating is much better than the other candidates. Even if Daggett’s “unfavorables” would double, he would be in a statical tie with with Chris Christie for “unfavorable” ratings and still have better unfavorables than Governor Jon Corzine by nearly 10-points.

Also, the poll results showed Daggett supporters lean toward Chris Christie as a second choice, but only 48% of the time, so the arguments that Daggett is stealing votes from Christie and helping Governor Corzie may be slightly true, but not a huge margin as some people believe.


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