Monday, October 5, 2009

Green Party candidate is ready to run in Illinois again…

Green Party candidate is ready to run in Illinois again, Sheldon Schafer is going for Congress again.

John Sharp and Karen McDonald write on Sheldon Schafer, “completed petitions this weekend to run for the 20-county seat he lost last year.”

Shafer was hammered in the 2010 election for Illinois' 18th Congressional District getting just 3% of the vote. Falling to the Republican (59%) and Democrat (38%).

But the article says Shafer is not disappointed by the results he is quoted saying, “"It's a long-term goal to try and create a third-party presence in the state. I certainly believe in the Green Party. You don't just walk away when you have a long-term goal… We went to all of this effort to create a campaign organization and planned to use it a second time for sure."


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