Monday, October 5, 2009

Professor to run for Iowa Governor…

A professor to run for Iowa Governor according An article written by Mike Malloy says, “Eric Cooper, an Iowa State University associate professor in psychology and neuroscience, will run for governor next fall as a Libertarian.”

Maybe we can call Malloy an honest politician, in the second paragraph of the article Malloy says, “I’m not going to win.

Malloy says his goal is to finish third and receiving at least two percent of the vote. If Malloy can accomplish that, the Libertarian Party would not have to petition or get signatures to be on the ballot in future elections.

Being idealist Cooper said, “If a third party can on a regular basis get a fairly substantial percentage of the vote, it tempts the major parties to start poaching their issues to get their voters. That’s what I hope happens with us.”

Cooper has run for office before, and has lost every time. Last year he received 20.5% of the vote against Democratic state representative Lisa Heddens. In that race there was no Republican candidate. In three-way Cooper has not topped the 4% mark.

Iowa’s last gubernatorial election, the Libertarian candidate received less than one percent of the vote and finish in fourth place.


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