Friday, October 30, 2009

Independent for Massachusetts Governor looking good…

Independent for Massachusetts Governor looking good according to polls. A Rasmussen Reports poll of Likely voters shows current Governor Duval Patrick is leading in current polling with 34%. But, there is a two-way tie for second place with the Republican candidate and former Democrat now running as independent state Treasurer Tim Cahill. Treasurer Cahill got 23% of the vote.

The Republican candidate will like be either Charlie Baker or 2006 independent candidate Christy Mihos, their polling results in the election were stastically equal.

The great news of the poll for Treasure Cahill is that he is the leader in the Favorable ratings. He had a 49-25 rating. That puts Treasure Cahill with the highest favorable rating, but also the lowest unfavorable rating. That means if the people who have no opinion of Cahill break evenly he will have a 62% favorable rating, and a likely win in the 2010 election.


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