Friday, October 30, 2009

Newspapers says: Vote for Daggett, the only positive one…

The Hunterdon County Democrat newspaper says vote for Daggett. The newspaper endorsed independent New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett.

Jon Corzine and Democrats are guilty of, “ever-increasing debt and one-shot budget gimmicks.” As for Republican Chris Christie they say the prosecutor is not right for the Governor’s Office, “cracking down on lawbreakers is far different from juggling the nuances, personalities and pressures of running state government.

So why Daggett? The paper says, “…both parties have failed and the voters' best choice is the independent Chris Daggett. Unencumbered by party, he would have to pursue compromises and alliances that would break the partisan gridlock. Most of the positive vision advanced in the campaign has been by Daggett.


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