Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not even officially running, independent tied for lead in Nevada Gubernatorial election…

Not even officially running, an independent is tied for lead in Nevada Gubernatorial election. According to an article written by Ed Vogel on, “Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman and former U.S. District Judge Brian Sandoval would be in a dead heat if the 2010 race for governor were held today…”. In a recent poll, both men got 33% of the vote.

Goodman is a registered Democrat, but he has talked openly about running for Nevada Governor as an independent candidate. Sandoval is a Republican. The likely Democrat party backed candidate will be Clark County Commissioner Rory Reid. Reid, the son of United States Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, would draw about 25 percent of the votes.

The article quotes the managing partner of Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc. Brad Coker saying the timing may be right for Goodman’s independent run. He said, “Goodman is the wild card in this thing… The Republicans were out of favor at this time last year, and the Democrats are falling out of favor now. People want an independent. Goodman, with his street cred and popularity across party lines, fits right into this race."

The poll also shows if unpopular Governor Jim Gibbons would get the Republican nomination, Mayor Goodman would win the vote by nearly 10%.


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