Sunday, October 11, 2009

Work-out gadget founder running for Governor…

Work-out gadget founder is running for Governor in Oregon. Jerry Wilson, the founder of Soloflex, is running for governor in Oregon. He made this third-party candidacy announcement on his blog “”.

Wilson served on the National Democratic Party Platform Drafting Committee in 2004, but is going the independent rout for Governor. He is running as a third-party candidate because of “the failure of both ruling parties to properly manage the public’s business”.

His website says as governor he would, “Establish an Oregon Infrastructure BankPardon all persons convicted in Oregon of victimless crimes his first day in office… Issue an Executive Order to re-empower juries in criminal trials to judge both the LAW and the FACTS of the case…” He will also, “…institute publicly financed elections for all elected offices in the state”.

But possibly the most noteworthy is that Wilson will not accept any contributions for his campaign. Wilson argues, “share (my) website with friends and family. It could virus. If it doesn’t, the ideas expressed here do not merit it.”


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