Sunday, October 11, 2009

Top selling business writer calls independent run for governor “Jersey’s Cinderella story”

Top selling business writer Jeff Jarvis calls independent run for Governor “Jersey’s Cinderella story”.

That comment is from Jeff Jarvis, the writer of the book “What Would Good Do?”. On his blog, Jarvis declared the Chirs Daggett for Governor Campaign is a Cinderella story.

Jarvis writes, “(Daggett is) on the way up and now they think they do have a shot.” A lot of the excitement is because of poll numbers tracking-up and the endorsment from New Jersey’s largest newspaper, the Star-Ledger.

He ends the post with “Full disclosure” writing, “I worked with the Ledger for many years and lent the Daggett’s my Flip camera for (some videos placed on YouTube).”


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