Sunday, November 8, 2009

Libertarian to make official announcement for Iowa Governor…

Libertarian to make official announcement for Iowa Governor on Wednesday, November 11. A news release from the Eric Cooper for Governor campaign says Eric Cooper of Ames and Nick Weltha of Des Moines have filed papers to form an exploratory committee for Governor and Lt. Governor of Iowa.

Cooper, an Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Iowa State University, said in the release, “We think that our candidacy will provide an alternative to the major parties for Iowa citizens who want a smaller government.”

But a win is not their real goal. Cooper said, “Our goal in this election is to get at least 2% of the vote which would give the Libertarian Party major party status under Iowa law. We also hope to draw enough support away from the major parties to encourage them to poach our issues in order to steal our voters.”

The issues are: the legalization of marijuana in Iowa, greater school choice, and repealing the Iowa fireworks ban.

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