Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pollina inching closer to Gubernatorial run…

Anthony Pollina is apparently inching closer to running for Governor of Vermont. Kristin Carlson writes on, “Pollina says he's considering several options including running for governor in the Democratic primary. It would avoid a split of the liberal vote and he says he's in a good position coming off the last election.”

In the last election Pollina came in second place in the race for Governor besting the Democratic candidate.

Pollina was quoted saying, “Without a doubt it would be difficult to run in the Democratic primary, but as you know over the years one of the things I've tried to do more than anything else is find ways to bring Democrats and Progressives and independents together.”

Carlson ender her story writing, “…officials at the Vermont Democratic party say… if (Pollina) wants to run in their primary it will be up to Democratic voters to decide if they can support someone who has been critical of the Democratic Party.”


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