Sunday, November 8, 2009

Political Handicapper: NY23 still a toss-up…

Political Handicapper “The Rothenberg Political Report” shows the 2010 New York 23rd Congressional as a toss-up seat. They say, “…(the victory was) good news for Democrats… But the dynamic that helped Owens win- including a divided Republican Party- can't be ignored and aren't likely to be replicated again.”

We find the race to become even more of a toss-up when a major newspaper in the District takes a swipe at Owens for “(Breaking) 4 Campaign Promsises in first hours in Congress”.

Also Doug Hoffman appeared to be a lock to win the election with this Third Party run and grassroots support. Then the Republican establishment got involved, took out ads, and unintentional submarined Hoffman’s campaign.

The Thirds calls this race a “head-scratcher” too.


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