Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another New Jersey Newspaper endorses Daggett for Governor…

Another New Jersey Newspaper endorses independent Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett for Governor. The editorial praised Daggett as being the only candidate that will not be hamstrung by the party politics that caused havoc on the state.

The paper’s editorial board writes that an endorsement for Corzine was a nearly laughable idea. They wrote, “New Jersey has consistently earned a ranking of 50th in business climate, but our politicians would choose economic suicide for the people they represent than suggest solutions they view as political suicide for themselves.”

They then compliment Daggett saying he is the only candidate with a clear vision for the future, “Daggett’s willingness to offer a detailed plan on how to cut property taxes and begin to address the state’s upcoming budget crisis and long-term debt contrast sharply with both Corzine, who is running on his record, and Republican Chris Christie.”

The newspaper already once endorsed Republican Chris Christie in the Republican primary but felt he has come-up short. Writing, “Unfortunately, too much of the current Christie campaign seems to be about Republicans saying, ‘it’s our turn, he’s our best chance to win,’ and not what they want to do for our state.”

So can Daggett be effective and can Daggett win? The newspaper says yes. They argue, “Daggett’s campaign is based on the premise that only an independent – someone who doesn’t have to worry about whether his party is going to get campaign contributions from special interests or whether his party is going to lose seats in the next election – can make the difficult decisions needed to fix New Jersey… Democrats and Republicans have been arguing for months that a vote for Daggett is a wasted vote because he cannot win… Corzine and Christie have both been dropping (in polls), and it only takes 35 percent to win in a close three-way race.

They wrap-up with a reversal of the theme a vote for Daggett is a wasted vote writing, “Neither the Democratic nor the Republican candidates deserve your vote. Chris Daggett does. Give it to him, and maybe we can change New Jersey. Vote for Chris Daggett on Nov. 3.”


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