Saturday, October 24, 2009

Opinion: Don’t call Hoffman a spoiler.

Don’t call Hoffman a spoiler is the way Jimmy Vielkind ended his opinion piece on Vielkind writes about the battle with-in the Republican Party and conservatives over liberal-leaning Assemblywomn Dede Scozzafava's and the Conservative Party option of Doug Hoffman, and how they will try to beat Democrat Bill Owens in the special election for New York's 23rd Congressional seat.

After breaking down the race where chairman of the Franklin County Republican Committee Jim Ellis is quoted saying some Republicans are, "either going to work with Hoffman or they're going to lay back and do nothing," because Dede Scozzafava is too liberal.

Vielkind also questioned Scozzafava because, “She's running low on cash… had a disastrous appearance yesterday in front of Hoffman's headquarters…. called the cops on a reporter for The Weekly Standard, then lied to reporters about it.”

The piece ended with breaking typical Third Party mentality, “The thing is that most people—myself included—have written off Hoffman as a mere spoiler. We shouldn't have assumed.”


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  1. In a way, stories like this inspire hope; in a way they are discouraging. Even with major Republicans supporting Hoffman, there are many more who seem to believe that their party's power is more important than its values. "Support the Republican, so we can beat the Democrat!" That's not what it's about! Voters most come to recognize that political ideologies are much more important than political parties.


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