Saturday, October 24, 2009

Green Party selects four new co-chairs…

Green Party selects four new co-chairs. In a news release posted on the Green Party’s website the party announced, “the election of four new co-chairs, Mike Feinstein (from California), Farheen Hakeem (Minnesota), Jason Nabewaniec (New York; reelected), and David Strand (Minnesota); and the reelection of Holly Hart as the party's national secretary.”

Jason Nabewaniec was re-elected and there is no biography on him, but the three new co-chairs are described with short biographies including:

Mike Feinstein: “Mayor and city council member of Santa Monica (CA), is one of the co-founders of the Green Party of California… (who’s top priorities are) proportional representation with public financing, fair ballot access, and inclusion for all ballot qualified candidates in all debates."

Farheen Hakeem: “The highest ranking in the US for any Muslim woman or Muslim in any political party… (She called for) divestment from Israel… ran for Mayor of Minneapolis, coming in third out of 12 candidates.”

David Strand: “Co-chair of the Green Party of Minnesota and treasurer of the 3rd Congressional District Green Party… a founding member of the Lavender Green Caucus, which represents gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Greens. He is a proud member of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union.


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