Saturday, October 24, 2009

Republican Minnesota Governor likely to endorse non-republican in New York congressional race…

Republican Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is likely to endorse non-republican in New York congressional race. Jordan Fabian writes on, the 2012 presidential hopeful Governor Pawlenty, “said he will likely endorse a candidate in the contentious New York special House election.”

Pawlenty did not say who he would endorse. But let play “eliminator”. Bill Owens is a Democratic – he’s out. The Republican is Dede Scozzafava. Pawlenty did not describe Assemblywoman Scozzafava in a high light, "As a conservative, I am worried about some of the things I've heard about how the person was selected… the selection of this individual...seems a little cloistered." He also added, "(I am) concerned about some of the alleged issue positions that she holds." Scozzafava – not an endorsement.

Pawlenty did not mention Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman. In this case, a no mention is good. So, Mr. Governor, when will the Hoffman endorsement happen?


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