Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bloomberg staffer rips Corzine, Independent endorsement to come?

A staffer for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg rips Democratic Incumber Governor Jon Corzine. Does this mean an endorsement of Independent Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett could be coming?

An adviser to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was quoted in New York magazine ripping on New Jersey Incumbent Governor Jon Corzine who’s running for re-election.

Kevin Sheeky was quoted saying, “Look at Mike Bloomberg and Jon Corzine. Very similar backgrounds, very similar people. Both came into office spending a lot of money, okay? And one of them has been very successful, and one has generally been very unsuccessful, both in competitive environments. Why is that? I would argue it's because one turned out to be really good at his job, and is surrounded by really good people, and he's used persuasion to move things forward. If Mike Bloomberg were unsuccessful, he'd be a one-term mayor."

Could this be the latest trial balloon leading to a Mayor Bloomberg endorsement for fellow-independent Chris Daggett. A Bloomberg adviser was earlier quoted as saying “Nothing ruled in or out" when asked if Daggett could be endorsed by Mayor Bloomberg. It surely seems a Corzine endorsement could now be ruled out.


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  1. Corzine is terrible.

    This State needs Daggett!!! someone who didn't add to the 2 party mess. Notice how much progress was made in NYC with Bloomberg, and not a Democrat or Republican?


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