Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Possible opening for third party candidate in Illinois Senate race…

A new Rasmussen Reports polls shows a possible opening for a third party candidate in the 2010 Illinois Senate race.

The opening is small, and we are not sure for whom. But there could be an opening. The Rasmussen Reports polls asked voters how they would cast their vote in three sample elections.

Mark Kirk was the Republican in all of the races. When Kirk was put head-to-head with Democratic State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias or Cheryle Jackson, a former top aide to Governor Blagojevich, 4% of voters said they would vote for somebody else. When Kirk was put up against former Chicago Inspector General David Hoffman, 8% said they would cast their vote for another candidate.

This early in the election cycle, when four to eight percent, of the 500 people polled said they would vote for “other” it’s not good for the major parties. But, who is this “other” candidate? The poll did not ask. Is there one third party candidate that got a solid 2 to 3 percent of the vote, or is there eight to ten people getting below one percent of the vote?


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  1. The only other established party in Illinois is the Green Party. LeAlan Jones is the Senatorial candidate, but was not included in this poll. Rich Whitney is running for governor. He ran in 2006 and received over 10% of the vote, establishing the Green Party. Keep your eyes on the Illinois Green candidates.



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