Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Daggett radio ad…

Independent New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett released a new radio ad.

The most important of this radio is the last line read by Chris Daggett himself, “Polls don’t count; votes do. Remember: it is never wrong to vote for the right person.” The polls show Daggett significantly behind, but he is encouraging voters to vote with their heart and mind, not based on polls.

Here is the full text of the ad read by Chris Daggett:
“This is Chris Daggett, Independent candidate for governor of New Jersey.
My campaign pledged that we would tell you the truth about New Jersey’s budget problems, and we have. We told you we would run a clean campaign, and we have. We promised you a plan to cut property taxes and make New Jersey affordable again, and we delivered.
In the debates, I’ve demonstrated the best knowledge of the details of state government and provided the clearest solutions.
We’ve done all we can to run a campaign that New Jersey can be proud of while my opponents have denigrated our politics with personal attacks. It’s time to stand up for New Jersey. To change our state we have to change our governor. Four years of Jon Corzine have been a miserable failure. Four more would be a disaster.
Chris Christie has absolutely no plan on to govern New Jersey or how to fix our problems. His campaign continues to go in one direction: backwards.
This will be one of the biggest upsets in American history — when you vote Chris Daggett for Governor.
Polls don’t count; votes do. Remember: it is never wrong to vote for the right person.”


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