Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Poll in Maine begs for an Independent/Third Party candidate to get into the race…

The Maine polling preview from Pubic Policy Polling talked about polling data that will be released on Thursday. PPP looked at the 2010 Maine Gubernatorial race. Tom Jensen wrote, “With a huge number of candidates we just had to pick a couple Democrats and Republicans to test to get a general idea of the lay of the land and none of the match ups we looked at showed anyone getting better than 34%.”

Cough-Cough Peter Vigue.

This shows a great opportunity for an independent/third party candidate to get involved. Either the candidates selected in this poll have very low name value or are not liked. Either way a strong Independent candidate could make waves. Peter Vigue, a construction executive, is thinking about running in the Maine Gubernatorial race.

We know Maine has a history of voting independent candidates for Governor. See: Two-term Governor Angus King.


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  1. Lynne Williams is the Green Party candidate for governor in Maine. The Greens are fairly strong in Maine and have previously elected a State Rep and done well in gubernatorial campaigns.



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