Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New website backs Conservative Party candidate for NY CD23 special election…

A new website is backing Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in the New York's 23rd Congressional District Special Election. The web addres dumpdede.com points to dumpdede.wordpress.com. It is not clear who created or registered this website.

There are a few articles about Republican leadership hand-picked special election candidate. She is a liberal-leaning Republican. The point of the website is really anti liberal republicans. The headline on the website is “Dump Dede or Dump the GOP: They Decide

There is a section on the website called “About Dump Dede.” It explains, “Republicans in New York’s 23rd District have chosen to nominate and support an ACORN-backed, Working Families Party-endorsed liberal over conservative candidate Doug Hoffman….. The Republican party has this week to Dump Dede Scozzafava or the tea party will take over for them…”

There is also as side bar reading “These Folks Do NOT Support Conservatism” and mentions Newt Gingrich and NY GOP.

It also says “These Folks Support Conservatism” Club for Growth, Doug Hoffman and Michele Bachmann.


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