Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Challenger closing on Bloomberg…

Democratic Challenger Bill Thompson is closing on Incumbent independent Mayor Mike Bloomberg in a new poll from Survey USA. The poll shows New York City Comptroller Bill Thompson now only 12% back from the independent Incumbent. The good news for Bloomberg is that the poll still shows Bloomberg above the 50% mark, but only sitting at 53%.

Across the entire city Mayor Bloomberg is crushing Comptroller Thompson in voters over fifty years old (the ones who vote). But the polls are starting to break by region of New York City. Comptroller Thompson has taken a lead in Brooklyn and the Bronx, polling over 50% in both boroughs. But, in the other boroughs of Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island Mayor Bloomberg has a dominating 60+% lead. This race may be closer than expected, but Mayor Bloomberg still appears that he will come-up the winner even if every undecided breaks for Comptroller Thompson.

With this races apparently in hand, will Mayor Bloomberg endorse anybody in the New Jersey Gubernatorial race?


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